Silver Buttons

At 9:59 on a Thursday morning, Jodie draws a duck. As her pen hovers in the air, ready to add a silver button to the duck’s boot, her little brother Jonathan pushes to his feet, sways, and takes his first step. At the exact same moment, their mom plays a pennywhistle in the kitchen, a man buys fresh bread at the bakery, a baby is born, a soldier says good-bye to his mom, a granddad and granddaughter play with leaves in the park, a blackbird finds a worm.


Australia’s emergence as an important multicultural society in the twentieth century is examined in context with the unique geography and history of this island continent.

Sri Lanka

A look at the geography, history, government, economy, people, lifestyles, language, and culture of this diverse island country.


An illustrated overview of the history, geography and culture of the Philippines and the people who inhabit these tropical islands.


A look at the geography, history, government, economy, people, lifestyles, religion, language, and culture of the world’s most populous nation.

Russia: The People

After years of unemployment and crushing inflation, Russians are looking to the future with hope of a new prosperity. This colorful revised edition takes a look at the new middle class and how the culture has been changing since the country

R Is for Russia

From Dacha to Winter Palace, from Easter Eggs to Kremlin, here is a photographic alphabet of everything we love best about Russia. The Russian Federation is a vast land of forests and steppes, deserts, rivers, lakes and big cities. Over centuries of splendour, revolution and change, our country has produced some of the greatest scientists, sportsmen and women, writers, dancers and composers in the world. As you turn the pages of this book, you will see many of the things which make Russia so special: its fine palaces and churches, its musical and cultural traditions, its magnificent scenery and spectacular winter landscapes – and you will also see the food, the sports, as well as ordinary Russian people going about their everyday lives.