Mnoomin Maan’gowing / The Gift Of Mnoomin

A child marvels at the intricate web of life surrounding a single mnoomin seed. Through imaginative exploration, the child envisions the interconnected roles played by various creatures, from the fleeting mayfly to the majestic eagle and sturdy moose. Each creature contributes to the seed’s journey, culminating in the possibility of its sprouting.

Written in Anishinaabemowin and English, this beautifully illustrated picture book showcases the cultural and ecological importance of the mnoomin seed.

It’s Holi!

Join Sameer and his family as they prepare to celebrate Holi and the beginning of spring! Platters are filled with scrumptious sweets and a rainbow of powdered colors are set out for the messy festivities that are about to commence. But after seeing his sisters throw colors and water balloons at each other, young Sameer begins to get nervous. His family notices this and come up with a fun solution for Sameer to overcome his fear so that he may enjoy celebrating in the bright and messy colors of spring. Complete with a glossary of Hindu words and recipes, It’s Holi! celebrates history, family, traditions, and all the excitement that comes with it.

I Sang You Down From The Stars

A beautifully illustrated and unique baby book illuminates Native cultural details as a mother-to-be gathers gifts to create a sacred bundle to welcome her new baby. With each new thing she adds, the bundle offers the new baby great strength and strong connection to family, community and its traditions. Indigenous creators, author Tasha Spillett-Sumner and bestselling illustrator and Caldecott Medalist Michaela Goade, combine beautiful words and luminous that illuminates the blossoming love that comes with expecting and welcoming a new baby.


Becoming Miss Navajo

Jolyana Begay-Kroupa dreamed of becoming Miss Navajo as a little girl. Her chance finally comes after years of learning the language, culture, and traditions. Discover the inspiring true story of Jolyana who shows us what it takes to become Miss Navajo and how the competition is just the beginning. Becoming Miss Navajo includes pictures taken during the 2001-2002 competition.

Ramen For Everyone

Hiro loves ramen. Every Sunday, Hiro’s dad makes delicious, perfect ramen for dinner, using a recipe passed down from his dad. There’s nori seaweed, briny like the ocean; nitamago egg, the yolk golden like the sun; and chashu pork so tender, it melts in your mouth. Hiro’s dream is to make his own perfect bowl, and he’s sure he can do it after watching his dad and taking notes. But when he gets started, things don’t go according to plan. The seaweed crumbles! The eggs slip through his fingers! The pork falls apart! Hiro is worried he’ll never be a real ramen chef but thanks to his father’s wise advice and his own creativity, Hiro discovers that every person’s perfect bowl of ramen is unique.

Una Huna?: Ukpik Learns To Sew (Una Huna, 2)

Ukpik’s mother is eager to teach Ukpik how to prepare caribou skin, dry it, and use it to sew a pair of simple, useful mitts. But Ukpik can’t stop thinking about the beautiful new beads her mother traded the Captain for on his last visit. They are so bright and beautiful! Anaana knows it is more important for Ukpik to learn the skills she will need to make her own clothing in the cold Arctic climate, so she insists that Ukpik sit with her and learn the basics, while having a bit of fun, too. Though Anaana won’t let Ukpik sew with the new beads just yet, she does have a surprise for Ukpik that will let her enjoy the new-found treasures while also learning the skills she will need to provide for herself and her family.

Celebrate With Me!: Recipes, Crafts, And Holiday Fun From Around The World

“Celebrate at the tables of artists, designers, and chefs with this book that offers families the chance to share in a world of parties, festivals, and holidays. Each spread features a different holiday and offers a step-by-step recipe, a craft activity, a personal story, and different ways to observe the holiday. With contributions from chefs such as Erin Gleeson and Joanne Chang; artists and authors including Dow Phumiruk and Queenie Chan; and designers such as Marta Veludo and Juliet Sargeant, Celebrate with Me! brings together personal stories and parties from around the world in a unique and engaging way that is sure to delight children and their families”–