Across the world there are many an artist – But none so outrageous as Joe, the Fartiste.The Fartiste doesn’t sing, he doesn’t dance, and he doesn’t act. But that doesn’t stop him from taking the stage at Paris’s famed Moulin Rouge, where he performs his much-loved act for celebrities and royalty with the funniest talent of all. Joe is the man who has perfected the art of the fart.

Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer bring new wind to their mostly true story about “the man who made his pants dance,” which is perfectly matched with Boris Kulikov’s explosive art.

Secret Letters from 0 to 10

Ernest Morlaisse leads an unadventurous life. He comes home every day and eats the same snack and sits down to his homework. Enter Victoria de Montardent, the new girl in class. When Victoria sees Ernest it’s love at first sight. And she makes her declaration to everyone: ” I love Ernest. . . . We’re getting married in 13 years, eight months, and three days. This is an invitation to our wedding”. And believe it or not, Victoria’s bulldozer approach works! Quickly Ernest begins to discover that beating inside his chest is his heart. And he begins finding ways to use it.

Forging Freedom: A True Story of Heroism during the Holocaust

Jaap Penraat can’t understand the Germans’ hatred of his Jewish neighbors in his hometown of Amsterdam. As the restrictions multiply and the violence escalates, Jaap knows he must take action to help his friends. He begins by using his father’s printing press to forge identification cards and papers for Jewish neighbors and refugees, but as the Nazi grasp tightens, he is forced to take a more drastic path leading twenty Jews on the dangerous first leg of a journey to Paris, the start of the underground pipeline to safety.This initial group of twenty men is only the beginning; the number eventually grows to over four hundred Jews saved from certain death by Jaap Penraat’s heroic efforts, brought to life in this vivid retelling.

Marie: An Invitation to Dance: Paris, 1775

In 1775, young Marie lives in Paris and dreams of becoming a ballerina. But her family is of modest means and her future is set–convent school, marriage, and children–unless she can find a wealthy patron to sponsor her. One special evening, a surprise audition in a most exciting and original place changes Marie’s destiny.