Papa Francisco: Creador de puentes

Pope Francis’s life and ground-breaking leadership are brought to life for young readers in this lyrical and inspirational picture book biography. Spanish language edition.

Reunion de Monstruas (Meeting of Monsters)

 The title of this book is REUNION DE MONSTRUAS and it was written by Alba Nora Martinez. (Spanish edition) This is a story meant to tell the Aria’s experience with strange and unexplained real life phenomena.

Los Tres Reyes (A Caballo)/ The Three Kings (On Horseback)

Una historia antigua, relatada en el estilo de la decima puertorriquena. Los Tres Reyes Magos, Gaspar, Melchor y Baltasar, llegan a Puerto Rico en una nube voladora. Se les aparece un caballo que los lleva a repartir sus regalos por toda la isla. A partir de entonces, los Reyes visitan Puerto Rico a caballo, en vez de en camello. An old tale retold in the lively Puerto Rican folksong style called decima. The Three Kings, Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar, reach Puerto Rico on a flying cloud. They are met by a horse that helps them distribute their gifts to children all over the island. Ever since then, the Kings visit Puerto Rican homes on horseback, rather than on camels.

La Poeta Del Piso De Arriba

When a poet moves into the apartment above hers, young Juliana asks to meet her and together they write poems of tropical birds and a river that flows to the sea, typing out words that change the world, if only for a while.

Tiempo de dolor Nakay Pacha

“Tiempo del dolor” narra, con crudo realismo, el enfrentamiento entre comunidades campesinas en medio de una guerra generalizada, como también de batallas y escaramuzas libradas entre las fuerzas armadas del estado y los grupos subversivos.
De la Colección Runasimi, edición bilingüe quechua-español.
Traducción al quechua de Washington Córdova Huamán.

Time of pain” narrates, with crude realism, the confrontation between peasant communities in the midst of a generalized war, as well as battles and skirmishes waged between the armed forces of the state and the subversive groups.
From the Runasimi Collection, bilingual Quechua-Spanish edition.
Quechua translation of Washington Córdova Huamán.

Verde Navidad / Green Christmas (Nueve Pececitos, Raices / Nine Small Fishes, Roots) (Spanish Edition)

Juanito, Victoria and Adelita can’t wait for Three King’s Day. Grandma Cheli brings shoeboxes for them to fill with fresh, green grass for the Kings’ horses, but there isn’t a single blade to be found growing in the city. The children are ready to give up, when their father suggests a creative solution to their problem.

Romance De El Conde Olinos

This story is about two individuals that cared for each other. It starts with “El Conde Olinos” singing to his horse while he gives him water, on the shores of the sea. The queen hears him and encourages her daughter to listen to the song. The girl innocently reveals the name of the singer, uncovering some loves that are not to the taste of the mother who announces, “ I will send him to kill”. Their threats are fulfilled, and the two lovers die. But the lovers become two birds that will fly together.