Language and Culture Book Kits

As Worlds of Words developed language and culture kits for classroom use, together with the Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy (CERCLL), it became apparent that just sending out literature and language resources about a particular country/culture was problematic. Some teachers would be able to quickly articulate a way to use these resources in their classroom. Others were likely to struggle. Workshops were certainly one solution, but we knew not all teachers could attend. A second option was to send a graduate student from that country/culture to the classroom with the kits, but having enough students available on an ongoing basis was not feasible, either. Instead, we created a resource notebook that provides strategies and support on how to best use the literature contained in the kits. Except for lists of the specific literature and resources unique to each country/culture, the notebook is the same for all kits. What follows is a copy of the table of contents for the notebook. Each section is downloadable. The annotated book lists for each notebook are also viewable online.

Welcome Download

Guidelines for Language and Culture Kits Download

Table of Contents Download


•Resources and web links
Arabic-Speaking Countries and Cultures

•Downloadable Maps

List of Kit Contents

Book Synopses

American Indians of the Southwest Language and Culture Kit  Download
Arabic-Speaking Countries & Cultures Book List  Download
Chinese Language and Culture Kit Book List  Download
East Africa Language and Culture Kit  Download
Finland: Annotated Book List  Download
India/Hindi Language and Culture Kit Book List  Download
Japanese Language and Culture Kit Book List  Download
Korean Language and Culture Kit Book List  Download
Nepal/Bhutan Language and Culture Kit Book List  Download
Portuguese/Brazil Language and Culture Kit Book List Download
Russian Language and Culture Kit  Download
Spanish/Mexico Language and Culture Kit  Download

Frame for a World View

• Worlds of Words Vision Download
• Begler Model – Global Culture: First Steps toward Understanding Download
• Global and Intercultural Understanding Download
• Critical Inquiry and Global Literature Download
• Evaluating Authenticity Download
• Rubric: Global Competencies  Download
• Rubric: Student Friendly Global Competencies  Download
• Rubric: “I can . . .” Global Competencies  Download

Strategies for Responding to Literature

• Overview  Download
• Venn Diagrams  Download
• Consensus Board  Download
• Literature Circles with information on shared texts  Download
• Save the Last Word for Me  Download
• Cultural X-Rays  Download
• Story Ray  Download
• Sketch-to-Stretch  Download
• Anomalies, Graffiti Board, Webbing What’s on Your Mind Download
• Book Pass Download

Reference Articles

• Critically Reading the Word and the World  Download
• Encouraging Reflection through Graffiti Boards and Literature Circles  Download
• Engaging Students with the Unfamiliar  Download
• Exploring Culture through Literature Written in Unfamiliar Languages  Download
• Mapping Our Understandings  Download
• Encouraging Symbolic Thinking Through Literature  Download
• Encouraging Intertextual Thinking in the Classroom  Download
• Exploring Flow Charts as a Tool for Thinking  Download
• Creating a Context for Understanding in Literature Circles  Download

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