Daisy Dawson on the Farm

Everyday adventures with a girl who can talk to animals! The weather is hot, hot, hot, and the farm animals are getting grumpy. The pigs are arguing with the chickens, and the ducks and newts are sad because their pond has dried up. Where will the water animals live? Luckily, they have the help of Daisy Dawson, but it may take the elegant and snooty cat Trixie to make the rain fall at last. Warm up to the fifth adventure featuring Daisy Dawson, the ordinary girl with an extraordinary gift: she can talk to and understand animals!

Carolina’s Gift: A Story of Peru

Today is a very important day! It is market day, and Carolina and her mother are going to the plaza to find a birthday gift for Carolina’s abuelita, or grandmother. But there are so many things to see and so many gifts to choose from! Would Abuelita like a pretty hat? No, these hats are not for Abuelita. Would Abuelita like a bird that chirps and sings? No, a bird might keep Abuelita up when she is trying to sleep at night. Finally, Carolina finds the perfect gift! Won’t Abuelita be surprised?

See the review at WOW Review, Volume 5, Issue 1

The Cloud Spinner

One small boy has a special gift—he can weave cloth from the clouds: gold in the early morning with the rising sun, white in the afternoon, and crimson in the evening. He spins just enough cloth for a warm scarf. But when the king sees the boy’s magnificent cloth, he demands cloaks and gowns galore. “It would not be wise,” the boy protests. “Your majesty does not need them!” But spin he must—and soon the world around him begins to change.

The Crowfield Demon

The chilling sequel to the critically acclaimed CROWFIELD CURSE. In THE CROWFIELD CURSE, young monks’ apprentice Will learned he was gifted with the Sight: able to see beyond this mortal coil into the spirit realms of Old Magic. Protected by the warrior fay Shadlok and accompanied by the wry, wary hobgoblin called Brother Walter, the boy is just coming into his strange powers. But now, from its very foundations, Crowfield Abbey has begun to crumble. As Will salvages the chapel, he discovers something truly terrifying. A heathen creature from a pagan past is creeping up through the rubble avowed to unleash havoc on holy ground!

The Stone: A Persian Legend of the Magi

A retelling of the story told to Marco Polo about the Magi of Saveh, three wise men from a town in Persia, who followed a strange star and find a special child.

The Camel That Had No Hump

All the camels are worried when a baby camel is born among them without a hump. The adult camels try unsuccessfully to fix this problem. Surprising events lead to a happy ending to this gentle story where children expand perceptions of the differently gifted among all of us.

The Giraffe that Walked to Paris

This book retells the true story of how the first giraffe ever to come to Europe was sent by the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France in 1826, and the giraffe walked from the disembarkation point of Marseilles to Paris to see the King.