Feel The Wind

Feel the Wind looks at the tricks the wind plays, making turbines spin, bubbles float, and kites soar higher. These three separate picture books are thematically linked, celebrating the wonders of nature that children encounter in their daily lives, but the rhythm of the text and style of the art are unique to each story.


Long ago, when the Earth was young, there were no winds at all. In that time lived a couple who, more than anything else, longed for a child. A moon spirit driving a mysterious flying dogsled took pity upon the grieving wife. He showed the woman a strange tree and told her to make a doll from the trunk of the tree. The husband and wife followed the spirit’s commands – and were rewarded when the doll turned into a bright/eyed, smiling little boy. But to their amazement, their doll/child was not content to stay at home. Instead, he traveled off on a great adventure that brought good fortune to everyone in the world. A lovely story based on a legend from the Lower Yukon section of Alaska, originally collected by Edward William Nelson and published in a 500 page report titled “Eskimo About the Bering Strait”.

The Wind That Wanted To Rest

An old and tired winter wind is searching for a place to rest. But wherever he goes, the wind is turned away, until his pain fuels a raging storm. Then he meets a good-hearted child who offers him a place to stay, and in gratitude the old wind leaves the child a lasting legacy. From Sheldon Oberman, author of the award-winning The Always Prayer Shawl, comes a timeless tale about the good that flows from kindness and understanding. Neil Waldman’s stunnign art evokes the world of old Russia, where the story originated.

Energy Island

Hold onto your hats! It’s windy on the Danish island of Samso. Meet the environmentally friendly people who now proudly call their home Energy Island. At a time when most countries are producing ever-increasing amounts of CO2, the rather ordinary citizens of Samsø have accomplished something extraordinary–in just ten years they have reduced their carbon emissions by 140% and become almost completely energy independent. A narrative tale and a science book in one, this inspiring true story proves that with a little hard work and a big idea, anyone can make a huge step towards energy conservation.

Blow Away Soon

blowDisliking the wind that whisks away her favorite possessions, Sophie appeals to her grandmother for help and is instructed on how to build a blow-away-soon, an appeasing gift for the wind, in a story about keeping and giving away.

How the Ladies Stopped the Wind

Iceland is a very windy place.Going for a walk can be challenging. The ladies in one village, with the help of the chickens, set out to stop the wind. But the hungry sheep have other plans. Why aren’t there any trees in the Icelandic countryside? This original tale will tell you why and leave you smiling at the determination of the ever singing Icelandic ladies and their steadfast chickens.