The Inuksuk Book

An introduction to the many forms of the inuksuk structure The image of a traditional Inuit stone structure, or inuksuk, silouetted against an arctic sky, has become a familiar symbol. Yet, for many, their purpose remains a mystery. In a stunning new book, artist and children’s author Mary Wallace, in consultation with Inuit elders and other noted experts, gives a fascinating introduction in words, pictures, and paintings to the many forms of the inuksuk structure and its unique place in Inuit life and culture.

Shinchi’s Canoe

Forced to use only people’s English names and not speak to his siblings at school, Shin-chi holds fast to the canoe given to him by his father, hopeful that things will then improve for his family and the tribe he loves.


People of the Ice: How the Inuit Lived

Describes how the Inuit built their igloos, kayaks and sledges; made their clothing and prepared their food; played games and carved objects from soapstone; and how they hunted and fished.

An Arctic Community

Hundreds of breathtaking photographs show the exciting life that flourishes in this beautiful, yet forbidding frozen land. These large full-color books explore the wildlife and wild landscape of the north, and the communities and customs of the people. Children will love this fascinating journey across the Arctic, from Greenland to Siberia. These are the finest children’s books available on the Arctic.Through candid photographs and stories, this book portrays the very different way of life in the far north. The friendly, welcoming appeal of this community will make you want to visit the Arctic.

Passing the Peace: A Counting Book for Children

This is an exceptional book by an innovative author from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Not only does it guide the young reader through the numbers 1 to 10, it does so in English, French, Inuktitut, and Inuinnaqtun. The numerical progression in the color images, which are of Inuit figures cut from fabric and arranged anew for each number, is further represented by each figure acquiring a bright red heart, reinforcing the overall theme of friendship among people of different languages and races.

Neeluk: An Eskimo Boy in the Days of the Whaling Ships

Weaving history, art and literature, these stories follow a young Inupiat Eskimo boy through a year of his life at the turn of the last century.