Hooray For Hoppy!

When Hoppy the rabbit wakes up on the first day of spring, he discovers a world full of wonderful things. He uses all five senses to sniff the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, taste the fresh grass, watch the lambs in the meadow, and touch the warm ground. Illustrated in bright, bold collage, this story about seasonal change and sensory perception makes a warm and cozy readaloud.

A Nest in Springtime

In English and Mandarin Chinese, Belle Yang’s bilingual board books celebrate the natural world with simple concepts and beautiful, bold illustrations.In springtime, when wild geese come to nest, there are eggs for counting. But how many goslings will there be? And how many in the whole paddling family, when Papa and Mama join them? Tonal marks used in the book are explained in a final spread, along with a pinyin translation of the Chinese characters.

Magic Spring

Once upon a time, in a small village in Korea, there lived a childless old couple. They worked hard and lived good, simple lives, wanting only a baby to love and care for. But their rich, greedy neighbor sneered at their patched-up clothes. And when he saw the old man chopping wood he’d taunt him: “Ha! Old Man, where is your son to help you?”

Then one day, a mysterious bluebird leads the old man to a magic spring that makes him young again. But that’s only half the magic, as the miraculous power of the spring brings justice to the greedy neighbor, and a child for the couple from the least likely place of all.

Pika: Life In The Rocks

A pika scurries across a rock pile high in the Rocky Mountians.  He watches out for hungry hawks and weasels.  Quickly, he nips leafy twigs off bushes and carries them to his rocky den.  This hamster-size cousin of the rabbit is storing up food.  He will build a “hay pile” as big as a bathtub.  As summer changes to autumn and winter settles in, the pika feeds from his hay pile and tunnets through the snow.  In the spring, he sings for a mate.  Soon, pika pups are climbing on the rocks.

Stunning photographs catch the pike in the act of living naturally.  A fact-filled text tells the story of how one of the world’s cutest animals can survive when life is pretty rocky.