Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket

Small Bunny does everything with Blue Blanket.  Blue Blanket helps him paint the best picures, go the highest on the swings, and read the hardest words.  They need each other.  But one day, Small Bunny’s mother insists Blue Blanket must be washed.  She says Blue Blanket will be as good as new after.  But Small bunny isn’t sure he like “new”.  Will his friends ever be the same?


School is over! Hurry, pack up all your summer clothes (don’t forget your bathing suit!), load everything into the car, and find a spot in the backseat. Summer is about to begin. The siblings in Marthe Jocelyn’s new picture book can’t wait to get to the cottage. The smell of pine needles, the first swim off the dock, playing summer games, and greeting their old friend, the rowboat Mayfly, are among the summer fun that young readers will identify with. Delightfully illustrated with Jocelyn’s signature collages, Mayfly captures the incomparable excitement of the beginning of summer vacation and those seemingly endless days that follow, which children (and grown-ups) look forward to all year round.

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?

This delightfully illustrated book introduces children to the concept of time through the mishaps and misdaventures of Mr. Wolf. The Story traces the escapades of the bumbling Mr. Wolf as he pursues Mouse and Squirrel through their daily activities. A large clock accompanies each activity, representing the passage of time. Bob Beeson’s vivid pen and marker illustrations captivate the eye and capture the imagination with ever-changing details. With its wonderfully entertaining story and pictures, What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf? is the perfect book for children just beginning to learn about clocks and telling time.

Cattle Kids: A Year On The Western Range

Presents a photo essay about boys and girls who live and work on their families’ cattle ranches, taking part in many activities including calving, branding, and rounding up the herd.

See the review at WOW Review, Volume 4, Issue 1

Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats: A Treasury Of Chinese Holiday Tales, Activities & Recipes

Presents background information, related tales, and activities for celebrating five Chinese festivals–Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, Qing Ming, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Moon Festival.

When Martha’s Away

Martha may think her cat, Lionel, merely naps while she is at school, but she is quite mistaken. Lionel has a jam-packed schedule. He busies himself during the day by catching up on current affairs, weightlifting, cooking, painting, and most important socializing. This award-winning tale of a cat’s private life is presented with humor and panache by the talented Bruce Ingman.