Brian Froud’s Goblins 10 1/2 Anniversary

If you brought home the first edition, you were in big trouble! If you bring home this new and expanded edition, you are in even deeper trouble! Renowned artist Brian Froud and scholar Ari Berk have continued their exploration of the goblin realm. (For the uninformed, goblins are those maleficent creatures who cause all manner of havoc in the human realm.)

My Pen

Rich black-and-white illustrations bring a sketchbook to life, showing that with a simple pen, a kid can do anything!

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Frances Dean, Who Loved To Dance And Dance

Frances Dean loves to dance. She feels the wind and she dances. She hears singing birds and she dances. In her every waking moment, she is inspired to move. But as soon as anyone is around, Frances Dean’s knees begin to tremble, butterflies start to flutter in her tummy, and she forgets how to dance.

The World Of Mamoko In The Time Of Dragons

What antics were going on in the land of Mamoko back in the times of fair maidens, kings, and courtiers? This is the third book in the revolutionary Mamoko series, in which the reader becomes the storyteller, telling aloud their discoveries as they use their eyes to uncover the castle-load of characters packed into every page.

The Line

A little girl finds one end of a line, a simple but amazing line able to transform itself into any number of things, including a slide, a bubble, a jungle vine, swinging monkey and even a hungry monster! What could be at the other end?