Faith And Fury

Temple Mount is a site where worlds meet, conflict arises, and history changes. Standing in the center of Jerusalem, it is a holy landmark for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, and has been the locus of many of the most important religious, social, and political upheavals of the last thousand years. Rumored to be the location of the Garden of Eden, Temple Mount dominates Jerusalem’s Old City and contains the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall, both of which attract millions of visitors and religious pilgrims each year.Veteran author Ilene Cooper explores the turbulent history of Jerusalem’s famous Temple Mount in this timely, illustrated nonfiction offering.

Deep Sea

Three years ago, Stephie and her younger sister, Nellie, escaped the Nazis in Vienna and fled to an island in Sweden, where they were taken in by different families. Now sixteen-year-old Stephie is going to school on the mainland. Stephie enjoys her studies, and rooming with her school friend, May. But life is only getting more complicated as she gets older.

Odette’s Secrets

Odette is a young Jewish girl living in Paris during a dangerous time. The Nazis have invaded the city, and every day brings new threats. After Odette’s father enlists in the French army and her mother joins the Resistance, Odette is sent to the countryside until it is safe to return. On the surface, she leads the life of a regular girl going to school, doing chores, and even attending Catholic Mass with other children. But inside, she is burning with secrets about the life she left behind and her true identity.


Felix is a grandfather.  He has accomplished much in his life and is widely admired in the community.  He has mostly buried the painful memories of his childhood, but the resurface when his granddaughter, Zelda, comes to stay with him.  Together, armed only with their gusto and love, they face a cataclysmic event, one that can help them achieve salvation from the past, but also brings the possibility of destruction.

Set in the present day, this is the final book in the final book in the series that began with Once and continued with Then.  It is…Now.

To Hope And Back

Sol and Lisa are two children aboard the St. Louis, a ship full of Jewish passangers escaping Europe to save their lives.

The St. Louis, a luxury ocean liner, leaves Germany in 1939, taking its almost one thousand passangers to a safe haven across the ocean.  They will be making a fresh start in countries like Cuba and the United States, away from the Nazi regime that is trying to destroy them.

Lisa and her family have a large cabin in first class, while Sol and his parents are below in tourist class.  They don’t know each other, but they share a mix of feelings: excitement to be crossing the ocean, hope for the future, and sadness at leaving everything they know behind.

Sol and Lisa’s optimism is threatened when the ship is not allowed to dock in Cuba.  What the children don’t know is that their chance for refuge is in jeopardy and a darker future might lie ahead for the jewish passangers on board.

Le Pantin

Julie a une amie, Esther. Elles vivent dans un village de Hongrie,Tizla-Eszlar, elles sont pauvres, et la vie est dure. Le père de Julie la terrorise et la bat. Mais il y a aussi de la douceur, les paroles tendres et sages et aimantes de sa mère, du soleil, des spectacles forains. Et les yeux bruns de Moric Scharf, un jeune garçon juif timide que Julie aime bien. Un jour de printemps Esther disparaît. Et la rumeur gronde, une rumeur venue du fond des âges, qui veut que les juifs soient responsables de tous les maux, le pogrom menace, les cris montent. On jette en prison les hommes juifs. Les villageois se rassemblent, et un simulacre de procès se prépare. Tout a l’air décidé d’avance. Rien ne se passera comme prévu. Eva Wiseman s’est souvenue de ce fait divers réel que sa mère évoquait quand elle était petite, elle a rassemblé des tonnes de documentation, elle a écrit un roman inoubliable, qui serre le coeur et tient en haleine, parce qu’il démonte les mécanismes de la peur, de la lâcheté, de la violence collective. On ne peut plus oublier Julie Vamosi, toute petite devant les juges, devant la haine raciste, mais fidèle à son amie, et forte de son amour pour les êtres.