Alphabet City Ballet

balletMarisol has always loved to dance–from the salsa at family parties to the boom boxes on Loisada Avenue. Then she wins a scholarship to ballet school and discovers an inspiring new world of beauty and discipline. When violence erupts in Alphabet City, Marisol’s dream starts to slip away. To keep dancing she must make heartbreaking choices–perhaps impossible ones.

Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey

In this warm holiday story, a young Puerto Rican boy saves the life of his pet turkey with help from his close-knit New York City family and neighborhood. Beginning Spanish vocabulary is woven into the text. Four color.

No Dogs Allowed!

Sometimes the unexpected is even more fun than the best-laid plans. Iris, her family, the neighbors, and dog take a road trip to the lake. But first, the cars break down. Then they get lost. And when they finally arrive at the lake, they see a NO DOGS ALLOWED sign. What to do? Iris’s family’s make-do attitude saves the day, for as they go about their beach activities while trying to figure out what to do with the dog, each takes a turn taking care of the dog. Soon the day is over, and the dog has had the best time of all — the beach had been brought to him. Sesame Street’s Sonia Manzano’s first picturebook provides an ocean of humor, a warm, close-knit Puerto Rican community, and a take-charge family who refuses to let things get in their way!

Play Ball!

Based on the childhood of New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, this is the story of a boy from Puerto Rico who worked hard to be his best and didn’t stop until he was a champion.

Sí, Puedes (Play Ball!)

Presents a story of right-handed Jorge Posada being coached by his father to bat left-handed, and how it leads right to the major leagues.

Jorge Posada adora sentir la bola en su guante, el bate en su mano, y el juego del béisbol. Como cualquier otro jugador del equipo Casa Cuba, ya puede batear bien con la mano derecha, pero su padre le dice, “Ser bueno no es ser el mejor.”Su entrenador le dice, “El béisbol es un juego de pulgadas.” De hecho, cuando Casa Cuba tiene que enfrentarse al temible pítcher de Club Caparra, lo que el equipo más necesita es un jugador ambidiestro.Basado en la infancia de Jorge Posada, el cátcher de los New York Yankees, ésta es la historia de un niño puertorriqueño que trabajó duro para convertirse en el mejor, y no se detuvo sino hasta que llegó a ser campeón.

The Year Of Our Revolution: Love And Rebellion In The 1960s: Stories And Poems

Teenaged Mary Ellen-known to her parents as María Elenita-is pulling away from their conservative Puerto Rican world, towards dreams of rock music, political protest, and first love. But as she learns about the “secret” lives of her parents and other adults, she finds that the taste of freedom is not so sweet. Judith Cofer’s new collection-drawn from her own adolescence, with a novella included especially for the paperback edition-will speak to readers of both sexes, and all races.”…her descriptions of barrio life with a pervasive current of sensuality and rebellion…there is wisdom aplenty in this radiant collection.” -Publishers Weekly

Roberto Clemente: Baseball Legend

Introduces the life of Pittsburgh Pirates rightfielder Roberto Clemente, the first Latino baseball player to gain wide recognition for his contributions on and off the playing field.