Rosie Runs

Rosie, a racing greyhound, dreams of the freedom to explore meadows and forests, maybe finding a hare or two along the way. Instead, she is stuck at the racetrack sprinting endless circles. Until, one day, she manages to escape. Both scared and excited, Rosie runs through a shadowy forest, a busy train station, a traveling circus and takes a quick swim next to a ferry. As she runs through small towns and bustling cities, Rosie observes the gentle and happy moments of people she passes. Soaking everything in, be it a peaceful moment of a man watering his plants, or a jolting happy one of a dog wearing a cap on a train, Rosie Runs invites readers to rejoice and contemplate their own favorite hobbies and passions.

Up The Mountain Path

Mrs. Badger, an avid collector and naturalist, takes a weekly journey up to Sugarloaf Peak, greeting her friends on the way and sharing her discoveries with them. One day she meets Lulu, a very small cat, who wants to go with her to the top of the mountain. On the way, Lulu learns to take care of the natural world, help those in need, and listen to her intuition.

I Am A Story

From cave drawings to the invention of the printing press to our digital age, discover how a story has been told in many different ways from the past to today. It’s always been around, making us happy, sad, excited, or scared and bringing people together. With simple text and delightful illustrations, Dan Yaccarino reminds us of the power of story.

Cecil’s Pride

Known as the King of Beasts, the lion has always been a symbol of strength and courage. But there was one real lion that earned the title of Lion King. He was known simply by name: Cecil. News of his tragic death spread across the globe like wildfire, raising questions to an unprecedented level about our relationship to our animals and our planet. Cecil’s Pride is a tale of resilience and responsibility–a triumph out of tragedy. Discover Cecil’s struggle as a young lion to survive, his rise to power, and his extraordinary alliance with Jericho, his former arch-rival. Cecil is gone, but his legacy lives on. The world knows the story of how Cecil died. This is the story of how he lived.

Love And Roast Chicken: A Trickster Tale From The Andes Mountains

High in the Andes Mountains, Cuy the Guinea Pig has just discovered a field of delicious sweetgrass. He is about to feast and spoils his meal. As always, Fox has an appetite for a guinea pig dinner. But crafty Guinea Pig has other plans to fool Fox.

Norman, Speak!

At the animal shelter, a young boy and his family choose a pet, Norman, the little stray dog who has been there the longest. Norman is brown and white, with a stump of a tail. He’s so glad to have a home that he does a “hula dance of happiness” whenever he sees his new owners. But the family soon discovers that Norman won’t respond to commands. He doesn’t even seem to know his own name. They conclude that lovable Norman just isn’t very smart until a chance encounter in the park makes them think otherwise.

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