The Run

A young boy takes a new book into the bathroom to read. But what a strange story! One by one, all sorts of animals—a cow, a polar bear, a lion, and more—race across the pages. But where are they running to? Then, the boy’s reading is interrupted by a loud knock on the bathroom door. The very same creatures are outside, lined up to use the toilet!.

Kyle Goes Alone

Kyle has to go. There’s just one problem: as a young three-toed sloth, he lives high in the rain forest canopy with his mom, and it’s a LONG way down to the forest floor. Like other sloths, Kyle only goes down to the ground once a week when he has to do his “business.” And he’s never made the journey by himself before.

Munschworks: The First Munsch Collection

What makes Robert Munsch’s stories so popular? They’re contemporary and zany, reflecting “a jaunty belief in the power of children…” says Horn Book Magazine. This first best-of collection features five all-time favorites: David’s Father, The Fire Station, I Have to Go!, The Paper Bag Princess, Thomas’ Snowsuit, Michael Martchenko’s exuberant artwork has been re-sized for this new format.

Oh No, Gotta Go #2!

This little girl isn’t going to let an emergency ruin her picnic. She made sure to use the baño before leaving home, and she’s not going to drink a thing. But when her tummy starts rumbling after a salad of delicious espinaca, her wrinkly, pink face tells her mom they’re in trouble:”¡Hija!” she said, as Mamá got an inkling that this was the big kind of going, not tinkling. And the race is on to make it back to their casa in time! With a riotous text that mixes Spanish and English, and illustrations that vividly capture the family’s predicament, this companion to Oh No, Gotta Go! is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Oh No, Gotta Go!

It happens all the time. As soon as the car pulls away, someone needs the bathroom. \”Where is un baño? ¿Dónde está? I really do need one,\” I told mi mamá. After racing around town, passing a gushing fountain, and cutting the inevitable line for the ladies\’ room, this adorable little girl makes it to the bathroom in the nick of time. And because the bathroom is in a restaurant, the family stays for a wonderful meal-and lots of limonada. . . . Buoyant illustrations and a clever mix of Spanish and English combine to capture the urgency and humor of the situation to the delight of kids and grown-ups alike. Illustrated by G. Brian Karas.