Emperors of the Ice: A True Story of Disaster and Survival in the Antarctic, 1910-13

Apsley George Benet Cherry-Garrard has always dreamt of becoming an explorer. So in the spring of 1910, when Captain Robert Falcon Scott offers young “Cherry” the position of Assistant Zoologist aboard the Terra Nova, Cherry considers himself the luckiest man alive. Cherry’s luck, however, will soon change. Far off in the icy unknown of Antarctica, […]

A True And Faithful Narrative

In Restoration London, sixteen-year-old Meg Moore issomething of an anomaly. Unlike other girls her age, Meg poresover books. She spends long hours conversing with the famousauthors and poets who visit her father’s bookstore, and evenwrites her own stories, laboring over every word until her handis black with ink. Without warning, however, Meg comes tolearn exactly […]

The Remembering Stone (Americas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Commended (Awards))

A surprising journey of self-discoveryIn early fall, the blackbirds creak like rusty wheels behind our apartment . . . “One day I will return like you,” my mother tells the birds. “But for now, you go. Que les vaya bien. Safe journey.”Ana doesn’t understand the pull of this faraway place until one night she puts […]