Babu’s Song

Bernardi lives with his mute grandfather, Babu, who supports them by making toys. Bernardi wishes he could go to school, but they can’t afford it. When a tourist offers a handsome price for the music box Babu gave him as a present, Bernardi regretfully sells it, giving the money to Babu. Babu uses the money to pay for his grandson’s school, and he starts working on a new music box.

Sosu’s Call

Sosu lives in a small village on a narrow strip of land between the sea and the lagoon. He tries his best to fit in, to be just another boy, but many in the village feel a boy with legs that don’t work is bad luck. His father is told to keep Sosu at home. When a terrible storm threatens the village while everyone is away, Sosu figures out a way to alert help.

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