And Now Miguel

Miguel, the middle child of the Chavez family, lives near Taos, New Mexico, and longs to go with the men of his family to the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Gay Neck The Story Of A Pigeon

The story of the training of a carrier pigeon and its service during the First World War, revealing the bird’s courageous and spirited adventures over the housetops of an Indian village, in the Himalayan Mountains, and on the French battlefield.

Quinceanera: English-Language Edition

You are invited to the biggest party of Cindy Chvez’s life. In text and gorgeous color photos, Elizabeth King takes us to this joyous, once-in-a-lifetime event–the quinceañera. It is the celebration of a Latina’s fifteenth birthday, a coming-of-age ritual in which a community welcomes its newest adult member with a church service, a feast, and dancing. The tradition, which has its roots in Aztec and Mexican custom, is popular in the United States. With a lavish dress, an honor court of friends, a big cake, and a night filled with music, the quinceañera is a chance for a young woman to feel like a queen. But there are solemn, quiet moments, too, particularly at the Mass held before the party. The history, significance, and fun of the quinceañera are warmly recounted in this lovely book. It is an inviting glimpse at a part of American culture for newcomers to the tradition, and a special scrapbook for those anticipating or remembering their own quinceañera.

Fearless Fernie: Hanging Out With Fernie and Me

For Fernie and his best friend, the fun begins when they are babies who crawl across the lawn towards each other, away from their parents’ watchful eyes. And once they find each other, they are inseparable. Together, they grow to be the self-proclaimed artistic geniuses and master athletes of their school. But they do admit to being losers at spelling bees and camping out. And when it comes to romance, well, if waltzing with a broom in the kitchen or sporting glowing orange socks to a school dance counts, these guys are cool. Gary Soto’s original poems and Regan Dunnick’s clever illustrations will spark recognition in all middle-schoolers who’ve gone through the humiliation of sports try-outs and first dances; who’ve had to deal with body images and swinging moods. Each of the poems in this book shows a scene from their sometimes difficult, sometimes comical lives growing up together as best friends. Even though they don’t have everything in common, they both know that at least they’re in it together.

Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida

Manny relates his coming of age experiences as a member of a poor Mexican American family in which the alcoholic father only adds to everyone’s struggle.

Featured in Volume VI, Issue 1 of WOW Review.

Spirits of the High Mesa

In this moving coming-of-age novel set in rural New Mexico, the young protagonist, Flavio, is torn between the seductiveness of progress and new technology and his loyalty to village traditions so steadfastly preserved by his grandfather, El Grande.

Quinceanera: A Latina’s journey to womanhood

Photographs and text follow a Mexican-American girl through a coming-of-age ritual that helps to preserve a rich heritage in today’s Latino community in the United States.

The Jumping Tree

These lively stories follow Rey Castaneda from sixth through eighth grade in Nuevo Penitas, Texas. One side of Rey’s family lives nearby in Mexico, the other half in Texas, and Rey fits in on both sides of the border. In Nuevo Penitas, he enjoys fooling around with his pals in the barrio; at school, he’s one of the “A list” kids. As Rey begins to cross the border from childhood into manhood, he turns from jokes and games to sense the meaning of work, love, poverty, and grief, and what it means to be a proud Chicano-moments that sometimes propel him to show feelings un hombre should never express. It’s a new territory where Rey longs to follow the example his hardworking, loving father has set for him. From the Hardcover edition.

Probably the World’s Best Story about a Dog and the Girl Who Loved Me

The further adventures and misadventures of twelve-year-old Paolo, his six-year-old brother Georgie, and their nine-year-old deaf cousin Billy as they try to find their missing dog, cope with a new paper route, and discover romance in their small California town in 1951.