People Of Corn: A Mayan Story

From the time they lived in jungle cities with huge stone pyramids, the Mayan people have believed that corn is the spirit of life. This story tells how the first people on earth were actually made from corn. Beginning in the present-day, this lively story explains how important corn is and has always been to the Mayan people of Central America.

Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book of the Maya

One of the few Maya documents to survive the Spanish conquest, the Popol Vuh describes the creation of the Maya universe and of humans. It tells the tale of the Hero Twins, who defeated the gods of the underworld in a ball game, and details the legendary history of the Quiche Maya rulers until their imprisonment and torture by the Spanish. Equivalent to the Bible and the Greek and Roman mythologies, the Popol Vuh is the essential text of Mayan culture.

Corydon And The Fall Of Atlantis (Corydon Trilogy)

In this second book in the Corydon trilogy, trouble has invaded the Island of Monsters once again. The peace-loving Minotaur has been kidnapped! Signs suggest he’s been taken to the city of Atlantis, and so Corydon and his fellow monsters set sail to rescue their friend. Their travels across Poseidon’s treacherous waters involve one narrow escape after another—from the volcanic forge of Hephaistos, and the seductive song of the Sirens, from the licentious lair of Dionysos, and the grasping tentacles of the Kraken—until at last they reach Atlantis. And Atlantis turns out to be more seductive, monstrous, and volatile than anything they’ve encountered yet.

The Gorgon’s Gaze

Mallins Wood is home to the last surviving gorgon, and Col’s mother, the gorgon’s supernatural Companion, is determined to save it from encroaching development–even to the point of endangering Col and his best friend Connie, the most powerful Companion alive.

Mines of the Minotaur

When an unknown entity forces Connie to create destructive storms, the head of the Chartmouth Chapter for the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures rescinds Connie’s membership, leaving her on her own to discover what is happening.

Inside the Walls of Troy

Helen is renowned as the most beautiful woman in the world. Her divine beauty will lead her to a lifetime of adventure–from her kidnapping at age 12, through an arranged marriage, to a passionate affair that will ultimately bring about the Trojan War. Cassandra, the sister of Helen’s true love, has the gift, or curse, to predict the future. When she foresees the ruin of her family and city, caused by Helen’s arrival in Troy, she is outraged. Yet Cassandra cannot help being drawn to Helen, and as the war rages around them, the two young women develop a deep friendship. Through their eyes, the classic tale of the Trojan War is retold in an immediate and fascinating way.

Medusa Jones

In ancient Greece lived a little girl called Medusa Jones. Medusa was a Gorgon, but apart from that, pretty normal. So she has snakes for hair instead of gorgeous blond ringlets like Cassandra. So her best friend is half horse. Is that any reason for the popular kids to be SO mean? Medusa’s sure the school camping trip is going to be a nightmare. But a rock fall puts the popular kids in peril, and Medusa’s the only one who can help. Will she be a hero — or is her monster side finally going to come out?

Kwajo And The Brassman’s Secret

A tale of old Ashanti wisdom and gold. Kwajo lives in Ghana. Ghana is country in West Africa. The Ashantis live here. Many years ago, Ashanti was a powerful kingdom. Ashanti is also very influential in Ghana today. The Ashantis were and are famous as courageous warriors, able merchants and artists, above all as woodcarvers, weavers, goldsmiths, drummers and dancers.Formerlyr, the Ashantis owned a lot of gold. They paid with gold dust. The gold dust was weighted on scales. The weights consisted of small, exquisite figurines. Every figurine represented someting different. These figurines were called gold weights and they were cast in bronze.

Who Was King Tut?

Explains the life and times of King Tutankhamen, an ancient Egyptian ruler, covering the story of his tomb’s discovery by Howard Carter in 1922 as well as myths and so-called mummy curses.