Queen of Hearts

Marie-Claire Coté is fifteen-head-strong and full of life. It’s 1941, Canada is two years into World War II, and workers are scarce. So Marie-Claire pitches in on the family farm, tries to keep up with her school-work, and listening to stories told by her fun-loving hard-living uncle, Gérard. But the whole family is taken aback […]

No Safe Place

Orphaned and plagued with the grief of losing everyone he loves, 15-year-old Abdul has made a long, fraught journey from his war-torn home in Baghdad, only to end up in The Jungle — a squalid, makeshift migrant community in Calais. Desperate to escape, he takes a spot in a small, overloaded England-bound boat that’s full […]

My Name Is Seepeetza

Her name was Seepeetza when she was at home with her family. But now that she’s living at the Indian residential school her name is Martha Stone, and everything else about her life has changed as well. Told in the honest voice of a sixth grader, this is the story of a young Native girl […]


Shi-shi-etko, a Native American girl, spends the last four days before she goes to residential school learning valuable lessons from her mother, father, and grandmother, and creating precious memories of home.