What A Party!

If it is just a few days until your birthday, and your mother says you can invite anyone you like to come over to play, be careful! If you don’t watch out, you might soon be having the craziest party ever. Before you know it, night could come and go and a new day could begin, and the dancing might still be going strong. In a celebration of neighbors and diversity, an open-ended party invitation results in a raucous gathering of children, pets, and parents (plus salsa dancers and a reggae band!), all feasting on food from all over the world.

How Tia Lola Ended Up Starting Over

Welcome to Tia Lola’s bed-and-breakfast! With the help of her niece and nephew and the three Sword sisters, Tia Lola is opening the doors of Colonel Charlesbois’s grand old Vermont house to visitors from far and near.  But Tia Lola and the children soon realize that running a B&B isn’t as easy as they had initially thought- especially when it appears that someone is out to sabotage them!  Will Tia Lola and the kids discover who’s behind the plot to make their B&B fail? And will Tia Lola’s family and friends be able to plan her surprise birthday party in her own B&b without her finding out?

Calvin Coconut: Hero of Hawaii

Hawaii boy Calvin Coconut has come up with the best idea ever for his sister Darci’s birthday party. But a huge tropical storm hits the islands and threatens everything. It rains and rains. And rains.The river next to Calvin’s house rises high. When Calvin’s friend Willy falls into the raging water, Calvin grabs his skiff to save him. As Willy is swept into the bay, Calvin struggles in the wild waves. What happens next shows Calvin what heroes are made of.