Everybody Says Shalom

A spirited picture-book tour of Israel takes readers to the Old City of Jerusalem and modern Tel Aviv, the desert and the sea, Roman ruins, the Biblical Zoo, a kibbutz, and much more. Lively, rhyming text and vibrant, colorful illustrations offer young readers a trip through this old-new land of many contrasts, cultures, and customs.

Around the World on Eighty Legs

A fun, fresh animal journey! Amy Gibson and Daniel Salmieri take readers on an exciting animal adventure around the globe. As readers explore habitats ranging from the Arctic to the Savanna, they will learn fun and humorous information about the animals who live there. Ermine You’ll easily determine / though weasely, ermine / is clearly no vermin — that’s that. / But if not for the coat / on this elegant stoat, / you might think that this mink was a rat.

Questions, Questions

How do birds learn how to sing? What brings summer after spring? What turns the leaves from green to brown and sends them floating gently down? In thirteen engaging couplets, Marcus Pfister opens children’s eyes to the wondrous mysteries all around them.

Aloha Is…

Learn the various meanings of the word “aloha” while enjoying the beautiful illustrations and sing-song rhymes that grace the pages of “Aloha is…” A delightful and playful look at our island home and what it means to live aloha each day. Beginning reader book: 2 to 7 years of age.

Farmer Joe And The Music Show

“Down on the farm of Poor Old Joe, the hens won’t lay and the crops won’t grow.” With the help of his instrument playing friends, Farmer Joe soon has the hens clucking, the pigs hoofing, and the cows mooing to a hillbilly music show. And now, “…down on the farm of Clever Old Joe, the hens all lay and the crops all grow.”