Millie and the Big Rescue

A game of hide and seek on the farm goes awry when Millie gets stuck in her hiding place at the top of a tree. But when the farmer and all the other animals try to help, they get stuck as well.

Hide & Seek

As the light shines through the leaves of the forest, the animals gather for a game of hide-and-seek.  Elephant counts as all the animals run and hide!  But when it’s time to seek, will Elephant find everyone…including Chameleon?  Practice counting from 1 to 10 and search for Chameleon in the pages of this delightful new book from celebrated illustrator Il Sung Na.

My First Soccer Book

This lively and information packed book is superb introduction to soccer and will excite readers hungry to develop their skills and knowledge.

  • Perfect for any child who is a soccer enthusiast
  • Covers all the information a young player needs, including basic skills such as passing, heading and shooting; tactics and techniques; rules and referees; and world players and tournaments.
  • Clear, accessible text written by Clive Gifford–author, former coach and lifelong fan
  • Spectacular photography by Michael Wicks


Puckster’s First Hockey Sweater

There are hundreds of thousands of young children enrolled in organized hockey associations all across Canada and nothing is more exciting for these kids than getting that first hockey sweater and playing in their first hockey game. With loads of exciting hockey action, great illustrations, and an entertaining story, young hockey fans everywhere will love to read—or be read— Puckster’s hockey adventures again and again.

Double or Nothing

Kip is smart, but bored. When he needs a rush, he doesn’t go for drugs or alcohol–just the pure adrenaline hit that accompanies even the smallest bet. But when Kip meets a big-time gambler who introduces him to a high-stakes game, his life takes a dramatic turn. An engaging guy who creates a web of lies, Kip lays down the bets and takes readers on a roller-coaster ride.

Escape From Evil

Captured by slave-takers, Decimus Rex is forced to endure a series of trials in the dreaded Arena of Doom. With his five cellmates, Decimus faces a race over burning hot coals. He is then forced into violent hand-to-hand combat with a fellow slave. Escaping this dreaded fate is the only thing keeping Decimus going.

The Legend Of Ninja Cowboy Bear

The ninja, the cowboy and the bear do everything together — they paint pictures, compare cloud shapes in the sky, fly kites and much more. Though each friend is very different from one another, they enjoy each other’s company. Until one day when they begin quarreling and compete to see which one is the best. The bear can pile up rocks the highest. The cowboy can collect the most raspberries. The ninja can catch the most rabbits. When each contest leads to more resentment, it seems the friends will never stop disagreeing. Only when they learn to be considerate of their differences do they finally realize how much they appreciate each other. The cute, yet stylized artwork combined with a fun story about friendship and celebrating differences make this legend an unforgettable one. This playfully illustrated picture book also includes instructions for the Ninja-Cowboy-Bear game, which is similar to Rock Paper Scissors except that kids use their whole body.