Iran (Global Hotspots)

Introduces Iran, discussing its history, the Islamic government which currently controls the country, and the turbulent relationship the country has with the Western powers over its support of terrorism and its development of nuclear power.

The Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story

This vibrantly illustrated picture book invites children to experience the traditions of Ramadan and Eid through the eyes of a seven-year-old Pakistani-American girl named Yasmeen.

Featured in WOW Review Volume IX, Issue 1.

Afghanistan (Global Hotspots)

Step back to the time of the wars in Afghanistan and see history through the eyes of those who lived it. Find out about life in the city of Kabul during the fighting of the early 1990s. Read about the importance of reconstructing the country so that the people can live peacefully without the constant threat of war. Age 12+.

Iraq (Global Hotspots)

Introduces Iraq, discussing its history, the wars and political conflicts of the twentieth century, invasion by foreign powers, and the ethnic and religious divisions that contribute to its current instability.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s adventures as he travels from Venice to Beijing.